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For the purpose of this blog post, let’s separate potential immigrants into two groups: EEA/EU citizens and everyone else. Indeed, citizens from the EEA and EFTA states do not need a special residence permit to stay in Iceland, but must register with Registers Iceland after arriving.After arriving, you can apply through a bank to receive a “kennitala” which is essentially Iceland’s social security number.

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As part of the immigration process, you have to show that you can support yourself while in Iceland.The amount of money an individual is expected to earn to support oneself is ISK 163,635 per month, and ISK 245,453 per couple.Other area attractions include the Ranua Zoo, home to baby polar bears, wolverines and moose; Sirmakko reindeer farm, where visitors can take a sled-led reindeer safari; and the Arktikum, a science center where the mystery of the northern lights is revealed.Unlike all those "fake" Christmas markets that have been popping up in the region, Nuremberg's Christmas Market Council is serious about making sure only traditional handmade toys and holiday goods are sold.Many hot and cold springs create a warm bathing brook, in the middle of this spectacular setting.

So, you just got back home from your trip to Iceland and you’re convinced you want to move here. Iceland is beautiful, chock full of waterfalls, glaciers, hiking paths, pools and hot springs.

Get your bearings Reykjavik is draped across a peninsula shaped like a dragon's head, tucked into a sheltered bay in south-west Iceland, with dramatic views of the mountains across the water to the north.

The historic core of the capital (known as 101, after the local postcode) lies between the harbour and an inland lake, Tjornin.

The day tour to the lagoon Jokulsarlon is a long day tour which offers a magnificent and diverse experience of Icelandic nature.

The black sand beaches, the ocean and the coastline, the glaciers, the birdlife and the nation´s history are just examples of what you will experience during this tour.

Golden Circle and swim in the Secret Lagoon jeep tour is a unique day tour where you will observe the beauty of Iceland’s nature.