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Be sure to read the following Adobe Experience Manager topic: How to Work With Packages.

To learn how to build a package that contains OSGi bundles, see Packaging Adobe CQ applications that contain an OSGi bundle.

You require administrator rights to deploy a package.

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Optimistic concurrency control permits all read and write operations from multiple transactions to proceed, but performs conflict resolution during transaction commit./scripts/wcbd-wsadmin.py"; exception information: websphere.management.exception. Before delving into the specific procedure, let’s briefly discuss the embedded function that Web Sphere Application Server provides to preclude configuration conflicts.Readers familiar with database concurrency control will recognize the design of workspace conflict resolution as a form of optimistic concurrency control.Let me start out by assuring you that despite the use of the words "resolving conflicts" in the title of this column, I haven’t changed careers and ventured into mediation or some related vocation.

In addition, while conversations on any variety of Web Sphere Application Server topics could lead to what one could term “spirited debates,” this column doesn’t deal with how to resolve the underlying differences of opinion that lead to discussions of that nature. I forgot to mention that after changing the file permissions, I ran the command: .\-enable Profile -profile Name App Srv01 -sdk Name 1.7_64 which finally did the wonders.In each column, The Web Sphere® Contrarian answers questions, provides guidance, and otherwise discusses fundamental topics related to the use of Web Sphere products, often dispensing field-proven advice that contradicts prevailing wisdom.Rather, the focus here is how to detect and resolve Web Sphere Application Server configuration conflicts that can arise from parallel updates of the Web Sphere Application Server configuration.Some time back I authored a column that discussed speeding up application deployment in Web Sphere Application Server in order to negate the need to pursue parallel application deployments during a system maintenance window -- which can lead to the very conflicts that are the subject of this column.Some reasons why an error occurs during package deployment is if there are dependencies that are not on Adobe Experience Manager.