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Today we will learn how to create an accordian style ASP Panel Bar using Telerik Controls. Here is an example of what we will be creating along with nested items. Many of their controls, like the Panel Bar, are fully functional which can easily nest native and third-party controls for accomplishing any project goal.

For those who have not yet delved into Visual Web parts, this link will take you to MSDN for a quick jump start: of the advantages of using custom web parts and ASPX applications is the ability to integrate data & functionality from outside systems, such as ERP applications, into the Share Point environment.Users can view live orders, inventory data, or other mission critical information and even make updates without ever leaving the portal.In Visual Studio, use the designer's Update Panel Trigger Collection Editor dialog box. NET AJAX was a gleam in Microsoft's eye, Telerik was providing robust Ajax tools to its customers.If you wanted the benefits of the Ajax Manager's visual configuration tool (or even in-page Intelli Sense mark-up), you had to place a Rad Ajax Manager on Content Page.

This worked to a point, but if you wanted to also ajaxify controls on Master Pages, you were stuck with two Rad Ajax Managers that wanted to control the same rendered page.Click on the and you will find the coding framework along with the necessary Telerik controls which are noted as At first this may seem very new and overwhelming but by reading the names of the Telerik Controls (ex.Script Reference, Script Manager, Rad Ajax Manager etc.) This particular project is fairly simple and only involves nesting the controls inside one another to get what you need. The default height of the div without styling is approximately the height of a line of text and the grid is crushed accordingly. As long as the height of every container, from the Rad Grid on up to the HTML tag, is at 100%, its all good.There should be no change in the display height, but the Rad Grid is crushed again. ” Rad Ajax Manager automatically generates a div around the AJAX-enabled controls.A really great feature is the ability run & debug right from Visual Studio without any special configuration required.