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I’ll explain and give examples in just a second 🙂 My experience has also been that Although there is plenty to say about this combination of push-pull and cocky-funny, I’ll leave that to another article.

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When you chase someone, you just get them to run away faster.

Chasing doesn’t work because chasing subcommunicates lower value: if you’re chasing her, that must mean she’s higher value than you, otherwise she would be chasing you.

Delightfully intrigued by his narcissism, I felt myself enraptured by his cocky persona that some people would just find obnoxious. Like any person who suffered from narcissistic personality disorder and found a new victim, he was equally as obsessed with me and flooded me with superlatives, telling me I was “the best thing that ever happened to him,” and “the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen,” in his desperate attempt to keep my praise for him going.

Then, somewhere along the way, the switch got flipped.

On the other hand, you can’t refuse to chase, either. And if they’re attractive, well, she’s not going to wait on you.

Women expect men to take the lead in dating, and unless her attraction level for you is through the roof, waiting for her is really just giving other guys an opportunity to swoop in ahead of you. Fortunately, there’s is a solution to this catch-22, and that solution is push pull routines.This is becoming more and more common in our culture, and certainly within my generation (The Peter Pan generation.)No one can give attention quite like a borderline, and in the beginning a narcissist will never quite feel so in love because they are seeing themselves shining back through the mirror of the borderline's eyes.However, narcissists are founded upon defense mechanisms built up against mountains of insecurities and self-loathing, and a Borderline has a way of getting inside their heads. After closely observing naturals who are masters at rapid escalations, and after a lot of discussion about this with guys like Christian Hudson and Nick Sparks, who have really tight game, I’ve discovered a VERY important enhancement to the push-pull and cocky-funny concepts.This small bit of fine-tuning can make it SO much easier to get a girl, and create much stronger, closer emotional connections.If you still don’t know what good BL&T looks, sounds, and feels like, check out The Social Man on You Tube for some videos on that. It’s for guys who want to know what it’s like to live in the top 10%, or higher, of men in this world. The man has good fundamentals (good body language, tonality, tight inner game and is hence non-needy, etc.).