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The paper came up with the findings that; (i) human sexual expression in Owan (Edo) traditional society is seen as a sacred activity that takes place within the domestic preserve of marriage for the basic purpose of promoting the vital force (life); (ii) the Owan (Edo) people consider the explicit/public portrayal and exhibition of sex and sexual organs for the sake of sexual arousal as not only dehumanizing, but also a taboo that invites calamity; (iii) pornography is not only addictive, it is a teacher/instigator of sexual crimes and other indecent sexual behaviours; (iv) pornography in Nigeria is a by-product of western intrusion into African culture.

The paper thus suggests among other things that (a) positive African traditional values on sex and sexual morals should be inculcated on young people right from the home; (b) there should be strict enforcement of laws that censor or prohibit the indiscriminate production and/or sales of pornographic materials in postcolonial Nigeria.

It was the season when the contagion of Sharia was spreading in the North.MOST video sellers stock it; they know their customers who often are hooked to it, but no one discusses it, although everyone knows it is there growing, catching young converts and destroying them slowly.It is believed that these will help stem the tide of the wave of pornography in postcolonial Nigerian societies.Keywords: Pornography; Postcolonial Nigeria; Human Sexuality; Owan tradition; Reawakening of Traditional Sexual Morals.It was learned that while Senator Ibrahim was the governor of Yobe state, he had a similar romp with a high school girl between him and the commissioner of police in the state at the time, the girl reportedly disappeared and was never heard of again.

He reportedly used his position to cover up the disappearance of the young lady.While proclaiming Sharia in August 2000 in Yobe as governor, amid solemn songs and dance after collaring the state assembly to pass the executive bill, Ibrahim rhapsodised that his vision was to evolve a new society with zero tolerance for vices like production/consumption of alcohol, gambling and prostitution.Before he bowed out of office in 2007, not a few men and women had been mercilessly dealt with for living short of the new high ethical standards so prescribed under Ibrahim’s watch.Pornography uses a variety of media, as we already know.Commercialised pornography accounts for a nearly 0 billion worldwide industry for the production of various media and associated products and services.Jangebe, for instance, famously got his right arm chopped off for petty stealing in Zamfara State.