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The superior status of men in society and within the narrow confines of the nuclear family transcends the barriers of sect or ethnicity. The centrality of the father figure stems from the role of the family as an economic unit.

(AP Photo/Diaa Hadid) (The Associated Press) TEL EL-HAYAT, Lebanon (AP) — The Syrian refugee woman huddled in the latest room she calls home, a peeling, run-down place outside a north Lebanese village.

The mother of six doesn't know how she'll pay the rent.

The security official said violators of the ban will have to face legal consequences, but he didn’t specify.

He spoke on condition of anonymity because the decision has not yet been published.

The ban is in accordance with a decades-old law that boycotts Israeli products and bars Lebanese citizens from traveling to Israel or having contacts with Israelis.

The official says the ban issued by the minister of interior Wednesday has been relayed to the distribution company, which in turn have to inform the theaters planning to show the movie.“The combination of a significant shortage in international funding for the refugee crisis and strict restrictions imposed on refugees by the Lebanese authorities, is fuelling a climate in which refugee women from Syria are at risk of harassment and exploitation and are unable to seek protection from the authorities,” said Kathryn Ramsay, Gender Researcher at Amnesty International.Lebanese women are considered to have more rights and freedom compared to other women in the Arab World.As you know the shooter killed himself, but not before having done horrible damage. This was an horrific situation unfolding in a setting people associate with care and comfort, but even in the midst of this horror there were many, many acts of heroism.I want to express to everyone our profound thanks for all they did to handle this situation and to immediately respond.Emergency crews had been kept from going inside the hospital while the shooter was at large. We’ve had a real tragedy here in the Bronx this afternoon.