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Competitors at the beginning, the two – along with their partners – somehow struck a friendship during the race that has extended well after the show has ended.It’s been almost two years since their season of concluded, yet when you’re around these two, it seems as if they’ve been friends much longer than that.

He said to Jeff Horn ako ang bahala sayo, ipapanalo kita. Since the age of 7, Nelson and his family have been traveling and living in all of the flung corners of the globe.He has managed to visit over 40 countries and lived in seven of them.It’s not as complex as some people would expect from the “culinary kung fu master.” The kitchen Rob shares with his wife, is, as he puts it, “a simple one.” You don’t see high-tech gadgets, no fancy gizmos, just the basic tools of the trade.After all, the Pengsons are sometimes too tired to try kitchen experiments.The American Horror Story star said: 'If my life choices had to be predicated based on what was expected of me from a community on either side, that's going to make me feel really straitjacketed, and I don't want to feel that.

Marc Saw Nelson (born 14 February 1972), better known as Marc Nelson, is a Burmese, Thai and Australian television host and model mostly credited for being one of Philippine television's most visible and prominent personalities. His mother has Anglo-Burmese blood, born in Scotland and raised in Burma and Thailand, while his father is of Burmese Chinese origin but migrated to.His wife, Sunshine Puey, a chef herself, is busy with their expanding culinary school (the couple just opened a new branch in Alabang Zapote).“Our agreement is, when I cook, she washes the dishes and vice-versa,” says Rob.After living in such diverse countries as Tanzania, Kenya, Hong Kong, Canada as well as his native Australia, Nelson found his true calling in the Philippines.Nelson was formerly linked to actress Patricia Javier.Tell him about the female factor and Rob responds with an uncomfortable silence. Rob’s take on the favorite dessert is not saccharine sweet; but yummy just the same. Rob does his share by thinking green as much as he can. Thus, he wants his environment-friendly grocery bag to carry only the freshest ingredients and more vegetables. So don’t be surprised if you see chef Rob toting the same (eco-friendly) bag when he enters and leaves his favorite store.