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Twitter actually changed from what we thought it was in the beginning, which we described as status updates and a social utility.

Field workers often create Excel spreadsheets to track data and run their processes. Here's how Carlsberg Danmark centralized business process management, created an orderly system with consistent data, and saved hundreds of hours in backoffice time.

Most probably user assumptions of variables, functions and logic maybe not quitetrue or wrong, but this is the main purpose, To Study and Understand this Project and with the help ofour Joomla Hereos and Kababayan, I am assured the we will be guided along the way.

Disclaimer: Joomla is Lisenced under GPL so we can distribute source code, modify and use it as we see fit.

This research report will examine how and why IT organizations are adopting Dev Ops methodologies, the effects on their staff and processes, and the tools they are utilizing for the best results.

Is Dev Ops helping organizations reduce costs and time-to-market for software releases? Find out in this Information Week and Interop ITX infographic on the state of Dev Ops in 2017.

But I urge everyone to NEVER EVER change the Licence and Credits stated therein. Joomla has I think 1500 files in 230 directories, huh!

Yes we can can use, edit, distribute Joomla but, we must bear in mind that we did not create it, Let us give credit where credit is due. (stingrey) for the ecourangement, help and support. Well atleast thats what the folder properties tells me. Most of the code is well documented and easy to understand.

This is also not meant for hacking purposes but for helping others in installing, configuring, using their Joolma sites and Specially learning PHP by studying Joomla. So I will first look in to the common main file which I also often use the INDEX. Like thisone, defines the contant and makes sure that the call was originally from the the main Joomla index file. Next one is the code that checks if our configuration (CONFIGURATION.

PHP) file exists and if not proceeds to installation.

In respect to storage, retrieval, aggregation and reporting of industrial manufacturing data, special considerations are needed. Customers are normally interested in streams and aggregations, not in a single data record. In one of our projects, we have to store more than 3 million measurements every second into Postgre SQL, resulting in a Terabyte database.