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Read more Stereotypes stem from immaturity, along with lack of education and a plethora of stupidity.We’ve become so obsessed with abolishing video gamer stereotypes here at LFG Dating that we’ve dedicated an entire tag category of stories on our Gamer Dating Blog; oh, and we also went ahead and created the first stereotype-free, 100% professional gamer…Read more Raise your hand if you’re sick of the video gamer stereotypes? Back in 2006, when LFG was still in a conceptual phase, we already knew what path we could cut through the dating market: a professional one.Yes, we cater to the video gaming/gamer crowd, but LFGdating…Will that duckface of yours determine your future romantic engagements? I perfectly understand the liberty of a person to become more open and expressive facing a monitor instead of a real person.

Online dating will allow us to keep the situation under control, improvise and hide behind our shell of superficiality while meeting the stranger on the other side of the cable and that is perfectly fine.

By trying to describe ourselves as genuine as possible sometimes we tend to lose touch with reality and through that path we tend to lose ourselves in some utopian skeam of how we’d like to see ourselves.

The social pressure is too intense to resist the manipulation of our personae and character as well our physical feature in order to appear more appealing on the social market.

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