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When you have got the serial number then look it up in our Longines serial number matrix.

As they are machined and engraved, these individually numbered bridges are collectively placed in parts bins awaiting assembly into the movements.During the assembly process, these numbered bridges are randomly selected from the bins and installed along with the other parts.At this authorized dealer, it is hard to get a better price than the price in the catalogue.If you get at least 15-20% off the price, you can call yourself lucky.Once you found the watch you wanted or the watch with the right price/value rating, you have to do some research on prices.

If you are buying a new watch, there are ofcourse not as many things you have to pay attention to as when you buy an older/vintage watch. Make sure you buy it at an authorized dealer who can give you the completely filled out guarantee card and who is able to take it in for service once in a while (only mechanical watches).

Though in the periode dating from 1958 to 1974 the reference number on Certina watch carried an encrypted message giving away, which calibre the watch was equipped with, which material the case was made from and which watch model you are dealing with.

Together with a reference number, the brand Omega placed their serial numbers on the inside of the backcase.

While Omega keeps the serial number on the inside of the backcase Certina leaves the serial number visible on the out site of the watch back case accompanied with a reference.

The two numbers serves the same pourposes as explained in the Omega chapter above-written.

This buyers guide is just meant to be a little reference for you for buying the watch for the right condition, a good service and ofcourse the right price.