Oguri shun and inoue mao dating

Hana Yori Dango revolves around Tsukushi Makino, a determined young woman who manages to enter the elite Eitoku Academy, an exclusive school for the wealthy.She tries her best to not stand out and just finish her studies peacefully.Suddenly Jun's mind drew a blank as he paused to look at Inoue Mao and nothing came to his mind. No word, no role fit cookie-cutter perfect on her presence in his life.

Half way thru the dang show i realized I just cannot love the female lead.Her acting isn't bad but the character is just sooo frustrating.Fervent manga fans are not so thrilled about the Hollywood remake of Ghost in the Shell.More worries ensue as Netflix releases the trailers for its adaptation of the psychological thriller, Death Note.This incident leads to Makino becoming the target of all their assaults.

She is also ostracized by everyone except Rui Hanazawa, the introverted F4 member who, at times, even steps in to save her.

In 1997, Japanese rock group Sharam Q, fronted by Tsunku, began auditions for a female vocalist.

These auditions aired via the reality show Asayan, and resulted in Michiyo Heike being crowned winner.

We all know that Matsumoto Jun gets along well with his Hana Yori Dango cast members especially Oguri Shun.

If this piece of rumor is announce by the agencies to be true, Matsumoto Jun will join in the happy news with his best pal Oguri shun.

This all changes when her best friend Endo Makiko accidentally offends Tsukasa Domyouji, the feared leader of the F4.