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Randolph Holder Sr., the father, refused to use Howard’s name during his comments to Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Obus, instead referring to Howard as “that beast.” “It has been a very hard and hectic year for my family because of that beast over there,” Holder said. In 2014 he was accused of trying to sell crack and PCP, but got sentenced to a drug diversion program instead of prison.

Subsequently, Ford said, he stopped attending the drug program and failed to appear in court in September 2015, leaving him out on the street to kill Holder.

Collins and Grant went to a therapist where she peppered him with questions about the incidents ... We have protected the names of the victims Collins mentions on tape. you will hear Collins refer to a "disclosure" and a "list." This refers to a confession Collins had already made to his wife ... You hear Collins flatly confess to molesting an 11-year-old New York girl -- a relative of his first wife -- saying, "There was one moment of touching where her hand, I put her hand on my penis." He also acknowledges exposing himself to the girl "a couple of times" ...

girl who lived in their neighborhood, but says he tried righting the wrong by apologizing to her years later. We're told this girl was also from New York and was between 12 and 13 at the time. the NYPD is in possession of the tape, and last Wednesday 2 NYPD detectives from the Special Victims Unit flew to L. Collins -- who is on the National Board of the Screen Actors Guild -- frequently interacts with young actresses.

Collins has trouble keeping the girls straight, but then he gets clear and confirms the incident. We're told they asked her about the tape and about other potential witnesses. one alleged victim in the investigation is the relative of Collins' first wife, who we're told first reported the molestation in 2012. although decades have passed since the molestation, they believe the case can still be prosecuted because the statute of limitations runs from the date of reporting.

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The official says there are "at least 3 victims" and the nature of the investigation is "inappropriate sexual contact with minors."Law enforcement sources tell us ...

Tyrone Howard, the East Harlem man convicted of murder for shooting NYPD Officer Randolph Holder in the head during a 2015 chase, was imprisoned for life without parole Monday in a Manhattan courtroom filled with a sea of blue uniforms. As police responded, he stole a bicycle at gunpoint.

The courtroom erupted in applause and one spectator shouted, “He’s a [expletive]. I prefer to call him a beast because he shouldn’t have been on the street to do what he was doing. Holder and another officer responded, and instead of fleeing Howard shot Holder at point-blank range.