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One day, I exited the pool on one of those blistering 100-degree afternoons and was drying off on the pool deck.As I lay there, my damp bathing suit clinging to me, I distinctly remember asking myself, “ do I have a bathing suit on?We married right out of high school and had a baby girl.

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Yes, Billy and I were lovers, we had enjoyed our first sexual coupling on my 18th birthday, a coupling we'd both been wanting for so so long. Momma had baked and iced a cake and got our aunt to draw on the icing a couple embracing with a border of flowers around them.

Daddy had made a bedstead and bought a mattress for us to use for the occasion and then to have to sleep together in.

Meeting someone to marry was very important, we both wanted to raise a family as we had been raised in the freedom and pleasure of being nude, of feeling the caress of the summer breezes and the tingling rasp of Winter's winds, the flow of water in the swimming hole as it awakened every nerve in our skin and the joy of watching the beauty of human bodies in motion and at rest.

It was also important to us because we wanted someone as a life partner who could better understand our love for each other.

My first foray into nudism actually started when I was 11 years old.

As a kid, my family and I lived in the desert Southwest, and we had a swimming pool where I’d cool off from the heat.

BY: SILVER FOX (C) 1996 Billy was only 16 when his dad and mom were going to go to California to check out a new job prospect for his dad.

Since it was during school season, he was to stay with his aunt Martha on her farm for a week.

He had always liked his aunt Martha, because to him she was a beautiful women just like his mother only Martha was a few years older at age 40.

In fact, since he had recently begun to masturbate, aunt Martha had been in a few of his thoughts, since she was built very nice with big tits and flaming red hair.

Since she lived in the same school district, only in the country, he would have to ride the bus instead of riding his bike like he usually did. He hadn't been to the farm since his uncle John had been killed two years earlier in an automobile accident.