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Fencing is the ability to strike through attacks and defenses at certain points in the fight, by applying intelligence.A fencing duel resembles a fight: it involves maneuvering, scouting and masking, attacking and defending. The most strong and most fruitful of these groups was that of the Leningrad State University. Groups of ardent adherents of Algol 68 appeared in Kiev, Kharkov (Ukraine), Izhevsk, Kazan, Tomsk, Berdsk and other Russian cities.There are three types of weapons in modern sport fencing: a dueling sword, an epee and a cutlass.

The differences between them lie in the judgment rules and the striking area.But all these Algol islands were rare in the ocean of Fortran and, later, in the seas of Pascal, Modula, Ada. Our first publication of the Report, mentioned before, was bilingual.Starting from 1976 the official national organization on Algol 68 began to act, under whose observation were the translation of the Revised Report, publishing of literature, testing and adopting of compilers. It contained the whole text of the Report with all pragmatic remarks and pictures from Winnie-the-Pooh.For many years the Algol 68 was the principal programming language studied in the course of Computer Science in the Leningrad University. The last session of the Group took place in 1988, in which the national Standard of Algol 68 has been adopted.The Leningrad implementations of Algol 68 will be discussed later. No attempt was made since then to call a new session of the Group.Fencing is considered to be a sport, art, military science and means of education.