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If you prefer an all in one installer only for framework the Metasploit team offers nightly built installers at making a quick setup a breeze if you do not plan to pull separate branches to test experimental code or do development.

Following the annual release cycle, the new generation of Open VAS [1] has been released.The new version of the open framework for vulnerability scanning and management, Open VAS-8, introduces a comprehensively extended and improved feature set.So you have Nikto going, but you’re not really sure what’s happening, or how long the scan is going to take? Nikto has several interactive features you can use while a scan is in progress.If you just want to find out the current status, simply press the space bar to find out what the program is doing, how many requests have been made, and a guesstimate of how long the rest is going to take.Major advances were also achieved for the access control management: more roles, group admins and super-admin to name just a few.

Notable as well is the introduction of the optional multi-scanner support via the new protocol OSP (Open VAS Scanner Protocol) for which a growing number of servers is expected for the future.

This option takes one argument, a directory name, which will be used or created to save all findings, one per text file.

Each file will be named in the following format: HOSTNAME_PORT_DATE_It's no secret that the -update option hasn't done much in quite a while.

The systematic improvements and reliable release of one major update every twelve months once again underlines the position of Open VAS as the most advanced Open Source solution for vulnerability management.

The new version can be downloaded free and is available as Free Software under the GNU GPL license.

This is not because the Nikto project is dead or idle...