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Some aspects of the surgery that stood out to the students included the suturing of the bifid uvula, the levator veli palatini, soft palate, hard palate, and both layers of mucosa. After an exciting and eventful morning, we went to lunch at the Dean’s Guest House.

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We genuinely enjoyed learning from the wide range of patients and their families, we were able to provide recommendations for children with Speech Language Delay, Autism, other Intellectual Disabilities, and even an adult voice patient. At any given time about three quarters of us were working directly with the patients mentioned above, while the other quarter was in the midst of experiencing the opportunity of a lifetime! Ompomoah granted us permission to observe one of his cleft palate surgeries, directly in the Operating Room. Ompomoah was sure to orient us to what stage of the surgery he was at and anatomically with his patient.

This was a learning experience that we would never have been so privileged to receive in the States and Dr. It was extraordinary to be able to look inside the mouth of a patient undergoing cleft palate surgery, watch each suture being threaded, and absorb the explanations of Dr. As we observed the surgery and discussed amongst ourselves, it was increasingly evident to all of our students just how applicable and useful this experience will be in our work with future cleft palate patients.

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