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My best friends are Charlie Parker and John Coltrane, without them, I am lost.

A micro-budget sociology experiment with zero aesthetic appeal, Love at First Kiss has neither the fairy-tale schmaltz of The Bachelor nor the kink factor of the naked shows. The gimmick: The show opens on an all-white room: THE KISS ROOM.Rather, this bold new frontier in televised romance combines the clinical sterility of an all-white room with the sexual dynamics of a high-school dance. In this romantic windowless void, two strangers (all heterosexual so far) lock lips, prompting reactions ranging from meh to ew to oh god please make it stop.Naked Angels Issues Projects features the innovative writing of today's top playwrights, including Pulitzer Prize finalists Theresa Rebeck, Craig Lucas, Lee Blessing, Warren Leight, Will Eno, Kenneth Lonergan, Jon Robin Baitz, and many more.To purchase this book of 25 plays, click "Order this play" above.The reality star is taking part in MTV's new dating show Single AF, along with famous faces like Farrah Abraham, Jedward and drag queen Courtney Act.

Today, Marns and Courtney – real name Shane Jenek – stripped to their smalls for a few rounds of naked speed dating.

There’s a Kansan Realtor who looks like Kristin Davis and doesn’t normally kiss until the third date (such a Charlotte thing to say! ” Then there is our tragic hero, Josh, who is 27 and Actually, I take back what I said about this show being bad.

), and Jaeda, a 20-year-old dance coach looking for a “best friend.” “I’m hoping this is the day, we just click instantly, and fall in love the first time we see each other,” she says hopefully. There’s a man who dresses like Andre on , a guy who keeps comparing his partner to a glazed doughnut, and a mustachioed guy who terrifyingly declares: “I make weird choices. Somehow, these producers found the white whale of reality-TV programming: a 27-year-old kiss virgin.

There is nothing sexier than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin.

Like an hour-long bubble bath, with ‘bath bombs’ from Bliss.

First up is Peter, who doesn't get off to the best start when he tells the girls to put up their hands if they like what they see.