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Moves The following is a list of the special moves, pro moves, and finishing moves for all characters: Baraka Special moves Easy "Combo Champion" trophy Play as Sonya Blade, and perform her Bicycle Kick on an opponent to get ten hits each time and get the "Combo Champion" trophy. When the fight begins, press Away, Forward, Triangle.

He should charge at your opponent and do a series of punches which gives you a 11-hit combo.

Play as Darkseid Successfully complete DC Story mode. Note: Darkseid does not have any Heroic Brutalities. Alternate costumes At character selection screen, press Start when choosing a character.

Play as Shao Kahn Successfully complete Mortal Kombat Story mode. Ultimate Icy Counter While playing as Sub-Zero, press Square(2), Down, Back, Square or Square(2) to perform Icy Counter.

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Both were drunken, horny and hungry for her sexy body.After choosing option C, Franklin meets Lester at his home where he tells him how Haines wants Trevor killed and Weston wants Michael killed.They at first, seem to not have any hope of thinking of a way so both Trevor and Michael survive.But after a brainstorm, Lester comes up with a plan to avoid having to kill either.The plan is to lead the FIB and Merryweather into a trap at the foundry under the pretense of melting down the gold there from the Union Depository heist.When you find an outpost that has a caged animal (for example, a bear or tiger), find a good hiding location inside the outpost with a good view of the cage, but far from it. Make sure no guards are close to you when you shoot.