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Prostitutes once considered criminals are now seen by the criminal justice system as victims of what some call modern-day slavery. "So how does this work, 'cause I've never done this before? "Wisconsin is perceived as a place, perhaps, where you can get away with it," said James Santelle, US Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, which is aggressively pursuing those who traffick women. The human sex trade is a multi-billion dollar industry and, according to federal prosecutors, Milwaukee is a major hub.

Zac Johnson sent in cell phone video showing the man on the tarmac.At first, the video shows him seated, completely naked.MILWAUKEE— They call them 'ladies of the night,' but in one Milwaukee neighborhood, prostitutes are doing business in broad daylight. "For the last couple of years, you know, it's just gotten terrible," said Joel Jaeger, Pastor of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church.Now, one Milwaukee alderman is so fed up, he's planning to use private security to do what he says police will not. Jaeger says he's been propositioned at least 10 times in his 15 years there. The church sits at 23rd and Greenfield, where the sex trade is routinely on display. They rip it up in an hour later they're back," Jaeger said.We'll correct the news stories that got it wrong, and we'll highlight the ones that got it right.

Most importantly, we'll create our own content, so you can see what the Milwaukee Police Department is really accomplishing in the community. "It was about money and I was his product." But the booming illegal sex trade has created another set of victims -- the people who live and work where the prostitutes operate. "The romance was over," said Nancy Yarbrough, a sex trafficking survivor.Heaggan-Brown, 24, who has been suspended from the force, was being held on 0,000 bail Thursday, CNN affiliate WDJT reported. The alleged sexual assault occurred in the early morning of August 15 after a night of heavy drinking at a bar where the two men “sat and watched television as coverage of the Sherman Park protests aired,” the criminal complaint said.After allegedly assaulting the man at the officer’s home, Heaggan-Brown took the accuser to a hospital and told a nurse the man “began to act weird and unresponsive” at a bar, according to the complaint.Heaggan-Brown told a hospital security officer that the man was “completely out, zonked out of his gourd” after drinking, the complaint said. But need to handle this the most secret and right way possible.” When the sergeant met with Heaggan-Brown, the officer described the sex as consensual and said his accuser “was drunk and had ‘medical issues,'” according to the complaint.