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Recommendation: For MDaemon installations, Alt-N Technologies recommends that administrators apply the patch by downloading the appropriate version and language file listed below. Not applying the patch prevents the pulling and leaving a copy of emails on a separate server. Customers still using older versions will need to update to a minimum of version 13.x to fix this issue. No, MDaemon is the only product that is affected by this issue.

Notification of received viruses is fully customizable as are the actions to be taken upon detection of a virus.The Urgent Update service, available for free from Alt-N Technologies, will instruct your Security Plus for MDaemon to update signatures automatically if a severe new virus threat arises.Security Plus 4.1.5 ensures that it is no longer necessary for the MDaemon server to be restarted when a new Kaspersky licence key file has been downloaded.Without this feature it is possible that licensed versions of Security Plus will not automatically restart and your antivirus protection could be disabled until a restart of MDaemon is performed manually.This patch is for affected versions and editions of MDaemon Messaging Server (including MDaemon Private Cloud versions). All MDaemon versions (9.x – 17.x) and MDaemon Private Cloud.

For specific information, see the Affected Software Section below. IMPORTANT NOTE – Versions 13.x are currently supported by Alt-N Technologies.

For this reason we recommend that all MDaemon customers who have a current Security Plus licence key update to version 4.1.5 as soon as possible.

If your Security Plus licence has expired you should either remove the component (assuming you no longer require it), or renew the licence cover and update to version 4.1.5.

In addition to the Kaspersky Anti Virus engine, messages are scanned via the Clam AV plugin for Security Plus, adding an additional layer of antivirus protection for all inbound and outbound email traffic.

Recently Alt-N discovered that administrators who set-up MDaemon to save a copy of emails using the multi POP or domain POP service.

This does not take into account running multiple programs simultaneously.