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Perth's millionaire matchmaker, Louanne Ward, recently talked about the five simple phrases that are keeping people on what she describes as the 'dating mouse wheel'.

Miss Raine69: What do you think is going to happen once she finds out? Date a woman who is standing on her own two feet why is that so difficult to do?You like her but you lie to her and now you can't cope with her frustrations honestly some men never learn.The newspaper said that Pippa Middleton was taken completely by surprise by the proposal.The 32-year-old former party planner is said to have started dating Mathews less than a year ago. There has been no official confirmation of the engagement.Timothy sent the first note after only a week of the couple dating.'Tim and I didn't live far away from each other but we sent letters because the idea of having our hearts poured out in the form of paper meant we had tangible memories to look back on,' Catherine told Daily Mail Australia.'I am very difficult to surprise so this totally caught me off guard!

'Candice's husband took his now wife on a surprise holiday to Hamilton Island and then a picnic at Watsons Bay, the place of their first date, before he revealed the letters' hidden message.'I woke up on the morning of December 16, 2015, with a letter next to me instructing me to get dressed and to only come out when I’m fully ready.

The newspaper noted that both Mathews and the Middleton families share very similar backgrounds.

Both Pippa and James are the grandchildren of coalminers from the North of England and their parents acquired considerable wealthy through their own businesses.

As soon as I opened the door, I found rose petals and candles everywhere – my heart skipped a beat and I knew it was coming.''He sat me down in the living room with all the letters that he had written to me on the table.

We read them out one by one reliving the memories of our dating years.

After we read all of them he then carefully arranged the letters and asked me to look at them,' Candice said.