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In their February court filing earlier this year, the couple stated that Lennon was 'arrogantly' demanding the Tomeis change the entrance to their house so that he did not have to cut down the ailanthus tree.

The couple's lawyer, Gerald Walters, said in court papers: 'To suggest that [the Tomeis] forever transform their 170-year-old property so that [Lennon] may temporarily enjoy viewing its tree is absurd.'The couple went on to state that the concrete foundation and front stoop have also been compromised, all 14 doors in the two-family home are unable to close because of the damage to the foundation and the facade of the home could become damaged next if the tree does not go soon.

See more » When Faith and Kate on their way to Rome are having lunch beside the street, they drink white wine out of a bottle labelled as Chianti. The locations were beautiful, and I have always thought that Italy was the place for romance - Venice, Rome etc. It was romantic, so much so that if you didn't believe in destiny before this movie, you will afterwards.

If an actress, or anyone wants to get or stay famous, taking your clothes off in front of the camera, or making a sex tape is the best way to go about it.

It's pretty cool when we get to see famous icons that are classy like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor posing nude for old photographs. However, all thanks to major technological advances by humans, we now have mobile phones and the HD cameras that they have built into them, to see almost every single female celebrities private parts. Once a celebrity takes a nude selfie, a snapshot of her boobs or pussy, or even makes a sex-tape, they risk being seen by the entire planet in their birthday suit, and doing the nasty as well.

As fans can see here, Zendaya is all an actual queen when it comes to shutting down dating reports.

The singer-slash-actress does not actually mention the dating rumor aside from her retweet, but she still manages to shade it. Your idea of a romantic getaway is enough to woo any girl.

Spider-Man may be a friendly neighborhood hero, but fans started thinking the Queens native may also have some slick moves earlier today.

A report from People Magazine had fans baffled as it claimed Tom Holland and Zendaya have been dating since filming got underway on Taking to Twitter, Holland and Zendaya used social media to poke fun at People’s report about their supposed love life.

Of course, the pair did not actually confirm or deny the report, but the pair make their stance on the issue obvious.

Holland and Zendaya treated their reported relationship like a joke, so fans should leave it up to the two of them to navigate their relationship however they see fit.

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