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In the bar, the look-how-much-fun-we're-having cam is showing your ex exactly how many shots of tequila it took you to get over him. They're trained on college campuses and construction zones. (You're welcome.) With help from Flemming Funch, the founder of webcam aggregate site, and Brian Cury, CEO of Earth Cam, we sorted through hundreds of live streams and grouped them into five basic categories. I went to the Eiffel Tower and all I got was this lousy eye strain When you're sitting at your desk, staring glumly out the window, your first thought is usually "I want to be anywhere but here." Welcome to travel via the webcam world. Spend some time in Tokyo, Japan, or Nashville, Tennessee.

There are now millions streaming live, compared to the 500 or so that were around in the mid-1990s.

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Many ski resorts and beaches around the world have live streaming webcams set up so visitors can check weather conditions, but they're just as useful for dreaming of an upcoming getaway.

Two of our favorite travel cams are the new one from Earth Cam at the Beatles' Abbey Road in London, England, and Yellowstone National Park's cam trained on the ever-erupting Old Faithful.

Everything is categorized so it's very surfer friendly!

The website Insecam claims it’s providing a public service announcement of sorts…

According to the website’s about page, the site is all about “show[ing] the importance of the security settings.” But while that is the exploit being taken advantage of here — people don’t change the security camera’s default username and password, allowing anybody access — there’s something disturbing about posting those feeds online and making a profit off ad revenue.

Some 11,000 cameras are streaming from the US, nearly 3,000 from the UK, about 4,800 in China, and many many more from other countries.

And while this is, according to a lawyer who spoke with Motherboard about the site, a blatant violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, there might not be much the law can do about a website based out of Moscow.