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We recognize that how we spend our time and money reflects what is in our heart.

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The Adult Industry Trade Association - or AITA - is a trade group that represents the interests of the adult entertainment industry.

AITA looks out for the benefit of pornography producers in the market place, as well as voicing concerns about legal issues and problems such as Internet piracy.

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The Guimond Hockey Camp is all about hockey and fun!

Kids will improve their skills and physical aptitudes in a friendly and pleasant environment with our pro coaches and will also have a great time off the ice with their peers in different camp activities with our seasoned camp personel Hockey, outdoor activities and games, LC Synthetic Ice, Video room… So if you are new to Real Life Ministries, new to Jesus, or just new to church altogether, this section is designed to start you off in the right direction! Because we care about you specifically, we want to make it as easy as possible to find what you need.JESUS | CHURCH | REAL LIFE MINISTRIES Making disciples of Jesus in relational environments is at the core of Real Life’s mission.Unfortunately, our church is missing one essential element…you!Thirty six (81.81%) patients gave the history of injury prior to onset of the symptoms, whereas eight (18.18%) patients were unable to recall any history of injury.