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And as if that weren’t emotionally gruelling enough, she also spent every working moment shooting not one, but two “devastating” films about cancer. “It’s a pa-a-arty now,” she sings out, as she walks into the room where we meet to talk about The Fault in Our Stars, in which she plays the mother of a teenage girl who is dying of cancer. “Let’s get as close as possible,” she says as we choose chairs around a large table in a Los Angeles hotel.She orders a cup of green tea with honey and submits me to a charm offensive, going out of her way to set up a rapport. Dern, 47, is an Oscar-nominated actress (for Rambling Rose) with four Golden Globes to her name.The latter - who is 20 years his junior - became his fifth wife in 2000, however they were divorced just three years later.

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“I left our home to work on a movie,” she once said, “and while I was away, my boyfriend got married, and I’ve never heard from him again.” She went on to marry Harper with whom she has a son, Ellery, aged 12, and a daughter, Jaya, nine. Half of my girl friends and male friends have been through one, and their kids are doing great.After breaking up in 2010 and reuniting, they finally divorced last year. There’s no shame around it – unless you want to project that on to yourself – but certainly there’s no longer cultural shame.She wears skinny jeans, teamed with Rag & Bone boots and a cream-coloured Isabel Marant jacket.Over the years she has dated several high-profile actors, including Nicolas Cage and Billy Bob Thornton – to whom she was engaged until he famously left her for Angelina Jolie.working on some new lies,' she wrote alongside the snap. News reported that the three actresses were together for a photo shoot.

Nevertheless, a possible second season is something that has been bandied about.

I was raised in the '70s and I've worked with people I love and I've been on sets with my parents, with people who run a set and require of actors a sense of liberty and freedom and exploration and failure into brave ...

Oprah Winfrey also appeared in the episodes and revealed she got more hate mail about that minor appearance than she had ever gotten during her entire previous career as a ...

“Can you tell me anything else about Vice Admiral Holdo? “I can tell you,” the 50-year-old Emmy-nominated actress said with a laugh, “I love her.” “Is she a good guy?

[on Paul Thomas Anderson]: You know what I love about Paul, I love a zillion things about Paul like so many of us do, but Paul is old school in the best sense of the word.

For writer-director @Rian CJohnson, it was surprising how much leeway he was given to cook up the action of #The Last Jedi from scratch: “The pre-set was Episode VII, and that was kind of it.” Among his inventions for the latest #Star Wars saga?