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`At birth' calculations average out death rates at all subsequent ages.This is usually said to be life expectancy of people in any country or a state within a country ," demographer P M Kulkarni, formerly of JNU, said.At the other extreme is Chhattisgarh, where such life span is 15.6 years.On an average, in India, a man will live for another 17 years and a woman for 19 years after turning 60.He strives to meet patients’ expectations and treat them with the care, compassion and respect.

His expertise includes treating lifestyle diseases like Dyslipidemia (increase cholesterol), Diabetes, Hypertension, and Heart Diseases.A number of cities have launched Whats App numbers for reporting crimes, traffic problems and other disturbances.A Whatsapp group launched by police in Hyderabad received 341 complaints in just 30 days.In Delhi, a traffic complaints system saw over 250 messages pour in within just a few hours of launching.People can contact local police about traffic violations, unauthorized parking, overcharging by taxi drivers and faulty traffic signals, to name a few.Whats App has built a community of more than 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide by allowing them to message friends for free.