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The more that gets revealed about Brandon Vezmar, the Austin, Texas man who is suing a woman he met online for texting throughout their movie date, the less we believe that the courts will eventually be on his side.When the defendant in his case told her side of the story, she accused Vezmar of contacting her family members to try to get the .31 he was searching for, and was considering a restraining order.

During the show's original run, Lecy left the cast on multiple occasions, and during those periods - including the then-final ninth season - Sarah Chalke played Becky.Who's who: Roseanne had played the family's titular matriarch, John had played her husband Dan, Laurie had portrayed her sister Jackie, Lecy had featured as Roseanne and Dan's daughter Becky and Michael had played Roseanne and Dan's son D. Though she'll be back when the show's revived for the midseason - with a specific release date yet to be given out publicly - Sarah Chalke won't be playing Becky.Not only that, but before he moved to Texas, Vezmar also lived in Chicago. Apparently as sick of this story as the rest of us, IE set up a meeting between Vezmar and his date, so that she could give him the .31 back.Upon his departure, he wrote a scathing letter that was posted in the Chicago Tribune, in which he called The A. Club’s hometown “an insane, dangerous, soul-destroying place, and I’ve had enough. In return, she asked for him to please god, “just leave this alone.” Vezmar carefully counted out all the money, and agreed to drop his lawsuit.Roseanne celebrated its revival in style on Tuesday, reuniting some of the actors who'd played the sitcom's Connor family at the ABC Upfronts at Lincoln Center.

Not only were Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Lecy Goranson and Michael Fishman gathered together, but so was the Connors' living room couch.

And it wasn't long before he was well on his way to accomplishing his dream.

By age 7, Galecki had begun appearing in productions at Chicago's Goodman Theater.

Issa may be a character plagued by her inability to make decisions, but Insecure’s first season has made it clear that her circumstances are entirely different from when we first saw her in the pilot.

It would’ve been easy for the show to fall back on the safety of its lightheartedness and reunite both Issa and Lawrence and Issa and Molly, but “Broken As Fuck” isn’t playing any games. The episode picks up almost exactly where “Real As Fuck” left off.

But the moment Lawrence sees Issa––standing there with a bag of toothpaste and shaving cream––the truth is clear.