Jensen ackles and danneel harris dating

We've gotten so used to seeing Jensen Ackles's epic facial expressions and Jared Padalecki's swoon-worthy stares on Supernatural, sometimes it's easy to forget they have a whole separate life off screen.

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Fuzzy22 has asked Jen to meet him in person, to which she reluctantly agrees, though Jen is very nervous—she and Fuzzy22 had agreed to not exchange any identifying information, so she has no idea how old he is, what he looks like, or if he is male or female.

Before the trip, Noah asks Piper out on a date, to which she agrees, although she says she has some things to tell him first.

He considers himself a non-denominational Christian and is currently married to ‘One Tree Hill’ actor, Danneel Harris.

In the photo, the Supernatural hunk, 39, lounges on the couch with one twin on each side of him on printed poofs.

Apart from being an actor, he has also experimented with direction and production in his spare time.

He has directed a couple of episodes of ‘Supernatural’ and received appreciation for the same.

He has had a very unpretentious beginning and has made a mark in both television and Hollywood as an actor with ‘superstar’ qualities.

He is best known for portraying the characters of Eric Brady, Jason Teague and Dean Winchester in various popular American shows, and is the proud recipient of numerous awards and honors.

The three meet and Piper introduces herself as "Anna", in case Noah remembers her distinctive name from the adoption process.

She quickly bonds with Julia over their shared love of art and drawing, leading to Julia asking Piper to become her art tutor.

The name "Danneel" was inspired by Danneel Street in New Orleans.