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At the end of the day, the aim is to meet in real life so they’re going to find out that you’re 5’8 anyway… Ricki, 27, explains how a smile goes a long way: If men aren’t smiling in their pictures, it means they either have really bad teeth or they have zero sense of humor.

If they use screenshots of their snapchats, unless it is extremely hilarious, I don’t want to see it until we are Snapchat friends.

One is cool and shows you’re adventurous, but I can’t see you, bro.

Also, having pictures of heavy drinking or funneling beer in a frat from years ago is just not attractive.

Shutterstock There are the sweet love ballads: the ones that played in the background as you experienced your first kiss, went on your first date, and had your first dance. Then there are the romantic love songs: the ones that you were serenaded with, heard at a wedding, or songs that perfectly complimented an afternoon spent on the beach with your darling…And then there are the more erotic songs…the ones that make you blush.

They bring to mind some memorable sexual experiences that you’ve had, and they do it without being gross (like some of today’s overtly sexual music).In fact, by the end of that year her career clearance rate was a phenomenal 92%.has honed-in on what makes women immediately swipe left – and it seems the recurring unattractive traits are to do with vanity in photos, or hiding your face.Most of Scotland covered, with a focus on Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen.Most volumes include a general directory (A-Z by surname), street directory (A-Z by street) and trade directory (A-Z by trade).Plus, they look super sterile and impersonal.”Moving past the face in the photo, the background, context and activity you’re doing are pretty important as well.