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SAME PLOY It is the most complicated election in Jakarta by far.During the last Jakarta election in 2012, they were also playing up the anti-Chinese and non-Muslim leader cards; now they are at it again.In the clubs where expats go, prostitution is quite usual but it is much more subtle than in the places frequented by locals.

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In traditional Indonesian society, open common areas in villages and towns or the courtyard of the Sultan's palace have long been a place to gather and spend late afternoon and evening hours.Small vendors set up their wares, food carts gather and people stroll around meeting friends and sharing gossip.Police are trying to verify the personal details of the suspects but said the suspects had ties to ISISA National Police spokesman said the horrific nail bombing - which left 116 people wounded - in the crowded concert hall could have inspired militants.'After what happened in Manchester, in Marawi in the Philippines, maybe the cells here were triggered by the bombs and that lifted their passion to start bombing again,' Awi Setyono told television station TVOne.Ichwan Nurul Salam, 34, and Solihin have been named as the suspected bombers.For an updated article about nightlife in Jakarta in 2014, please visit this link: Jakarta Nightlife Update 2014.

Ayam bars refer to bars where most of the girls are prostitutes or hostesses.

Most expatriates shop most comfortably in malls and grocery stores without the need to bargain or deal with curious stares.

However, that is no reason to avoid the more colorful traditional markets.

The Manchester bomb atrocity may have inspired the suicide attack by ISIS militants at a Jakarta bus station that killed three policemen, Indonesian officials have said.

Six policemen and six civilians were also wounded in the twin blasts set off five minutes apart by two attackers in the Kampung Melayu area of Jakarta on Wednesday.

He is the son of former president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono while she is a bureaucrat.