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Bill Murray has a pretty dour reputation, projecting various degrees of sadness, melancholy, and inner turmoil for directors ranging from Harold Ramis to Sofia Coppola, with a healthy amount of Wes Anderson along the way.

Merckel 120 Johannes Schaeffer 506 Nicholas Schaeffer 834 Frederick Schaeffer 2,010 Nicholas Shaver 868 Philip Shaver 1,188 TOTAL SHAVER FAMILY 5,672The following is a quote, permission graciously granted by Henry Jones, Jr., from his 2 volume work, THE PALATINE FAMILIES OF NEW YORK 1710, "A Study of the German Immigrants Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710," 1985, 1,350 pages, indexed, copies of which can be purchased from him at Henry A. Our last imprisonment was for helping Blacksmith Andries Stohl and Farmer Harper Lansing escape from the cruel confinement of Serg. My sons Corporal John File and his brother Melchoir fled to Canada.Jones, Jr., PO Box 261388, San Diego, CA 92196-1338, .50. Jones, Jr., documents Mara Elisabeth Schäffer and her family who settled in Schoharie County, NY. The Patriot neighbours also harassed son Jacoab so he and his family fled to Brant County after the War of 1812-1814.By an act of the Legislature of the State of New York, passed in the year 1793, a certain tract of land lying between the Delaware And Susquehanna rivers was erected into a township called Franklin, situate in and being a part of the county of Otsego. FOOTE belongs to the Connecticut stock of Footes, but was born in Chenango county, May 4th, 1829. He follows teaching, together with farming, and has a sister, Eliza, who is a successful teacher. He married Caroline Munson October 6th, 1841, and has had eight children, of whom George S., Elizabeth, Agnes, Ella and James B. WILLIAM HALLOCK was born in New Haven, Conn., in1804; was a farmer in Walton between 1825 and 160 and has since resided in Franklin. Hine, was born December 18th, 1823, and from 1858 to his death was in the mercantile business with Beriah Bowers. The first town meeting was ordered to be held at the house of Sluman Wattles on the first Tuesday in April of the same year. In 1856 he commenced the practice of medicine in Franklin, and had a large practice as a homoeopathic physician. He has been director of the First National Bank since its organization, has been justice of the peace, etc. In many cases the individuals listed may have only one Jewish parent.

They may have never practiced Judaism, and may even have adopted another faith, or may be secular or atheist.

This page does not differentiate between Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist Jews.

It also does not take into account whether those listed acknowledge their Jewish identity or origins.

The patentees were Thomas Warton, Reese Meredith and twenty-eight others. He began at seventeen as a clerk, and at twenty-two was one of the firm of Douglas & Stilson , which continued thirteen years, changing to Douglas & Co., then Douglas & Hine, Mr. He still has a lucrative practice in his profession. Y., in 1812, and is a grandson of Charles Foote, an early settler of the county.

It was named from Temple Franklin, a natural son of Dr. DEZELL is a native of Kortright, born February 7th, 1842. Douglass passed twenty-six years in active and successful mercantile life. In 1836 he commenced farming; in 1839 he married Laura Beardslee, of Otego, N. They are both descendants of early settlers, and their ancestors were active in pioneer times, and even in the war of the Revolution. Evans enlisted and was engaged in the last few months of the Rebellion. He taught winters, farmed by the month summers, worked on shares, and now has a beautiful farm of one hundred and thirty acres. RUSSELL FOOTE, a grandson of Charles Foote, a pioneer of Delaware county, was born December 14th, 1810 in Franklin.

This tract of land was, prior to April 10th, 1792, a part of the town of Harpersfield. In 1867 he purchased the old Franklin Hotel, and was a successful host. He has been twice married -the second time to Lucia F.