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However, at a conference earlier this year in Las Vegas to announce the launch of her new foundation, Princess Khaliya was asked about her royal links.

Pausing for a moment, she said: ‘I married somebody who is a Prince by honorary decree through the British system because of the aid that they gave to the Indian state during the Battle of Independence…it’s kind of complicated, it’s more of a title that’s connected to a people than to a land.

But almost as quickly thought: "Wait, I'm Muslim I'm going to call all the local mosques to join me demonstrating our support and love for our LGBT community members." How far away can that day be?

Although I'm welcome to come as myself to Jamat Khana, it's a difficult environment for people to be out. growing up a Gay American Muslim meant living in the closet. Once I was out, another brother began driving me to Boystown (the biggest gay neighborhood in Chicago).Even when a friend in grade school challenged me ("I know you're gay! Orlando mass killer was 'very creepy' on gay dating app It wasn't until after college that I came out not that I had much of a choice. He wanted me to be safe going to and from the bars on Halsted Street.But feeling sad or sorry won't do anything to alter the cultural and, sadly, also the religious homophobia that has played such a big role in this tragic event.When I heard about the Pulse nightclub massacre on Sunday morning, I immediately wanted to be in a gay bar demonstrating solidarity.Princess Khaliya Khan, 36, bought the property in her maiden name, Kristin White, just weeks before her ex-husband’s elder brother Prince Rahim Aga Khan celebrated his wedding to American supermodel Kendra Spears.

Princess Khaliya, a New York-born blonde, married Prince Hussain, 39, in the fairtytale setting of the Chateau of Chantilly in September 2006.

Magazine with the photographs supplied by the groom’s father, racehorse owner the Aga Khan, who is now said to be worth in excess of billion.

In 2011, the Daily Mail’s Richard Kay reported there was trouble in the marriage and that the couple were parting ways – but neither Prince Hussain nor Princess Khailya ever publicly confirmed the report and it is as yet unknown where the couple actually filed for divorce.

The Ismailis have enjoyed a long, eventful and complex history dating back to the 8th century CE and originating in the Shi'i tradition of Islam.

During the medieval period, Ismailis of different regions - especially in central Asia, south Asia, Iran and Syria - developed and elaborated their own distinctive literary and intellectual traditions, which have made an outstanding contribution to the culture of Islam as a whole.

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