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Over the Christmas holidays, most of us were hanging around the office in cold and desolate New York — avoiding our families, fighting with our families, and sitting around our apartments watching old TV and eating night-cheese.

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At first, as Selznick’s biographer, David Thomson, notes, the US producer felt that he had made a terrible mistake. Suddenly, Selznick realised that this was just the point. That was what made her so different from almost every other star of the period, hiding behind make-up and heavy lighting.Read press reports about Bergman and this unaffected quality shines through.Rachel already knows Ross Geller, Monica's brother, as all three went to the same high school and also Chandler Bing as he was Ross's college buddy.Rachel's first job is as a waitress at Central Perk coffee house.This summer marks 100 years since the birth of Ingrid Bergman, one of the greatest stars of both Hollywood and European cinema. There are two new documentaries about her as well as an Ingrid Bergman Tribute show organised by her daughter Isabella Rossellini that is based on her autobiography and her correspondence with Roberto Rossellini.

This will be performed in the five key cities in Ingrid Bergman’s life: Stockholm, Rome, Paris, London and New York, and will feature Isabella Rossellini as well as Jeremy Irons and Fanny Ardant.

It featured six main cast members: Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow), Joey Tribbiani (Matt Le Blanc), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry), Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) and Monica Geller (Courteney Cox).

Many celebrities guest starred on the series throughout its ten-year run.

Nancy Donovan is the fiery Irish divorcee that Jack shouldn’t have let slip through his fingers.

Her Catholic guilt is both funny and endearing: she once panicked and confessed to Jack that, one time, she danced at a bar with a man on the Lord’s Day.

What’s more, she's a famous beauty who's always resisted trading on her looks: she’s earned a reputation as one of the actresses of her generation through brave, and challenging, choices. Her father was Roberto Rossellini, a filmmaker who changed the course of cinema at least twice with films like Isabella Rossellini was born in 1952, one of a pair.