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Fonzworth he’s staying true to himself and continues to make us proud by looking like a true dapper southern-bred gentleman (Georgia-bred to be specific).

And Kanye, well he just has a love for labels and that’s just how some people are, but I’m pretty sure with age he will transcend the labels.

and from what it seems they will surely have a superb line. The guys were divided in a group of 4 in which one guy had to be the spokesperson while the other 3 dress up for a particular event/occasion: 1.Spokerperson at a Country Club 2.) Skybox Party 3.) Charity Event aboard a Yacht. You notice it as soon as a person enters the door, so it’s a part of the first impression you give below in all its glory and check out the lyrics section if you like to learn the words or just want to sing along. Tell us if you like it by leaving a comment below and please remember to show your support by sharing it with your family and friends and purchasing Kanye West's music. Fonzworth Bentley[Intro] Now you just popped in the Kanye West Get right for the summer workout tape And ladies if you follow these instructions exactly You might be able to pull you a rapper, a NBA player Man, at least a dude wit' a car So first of all we gon' work on the stomach Nobody wants a little tight ass! CHORUS: ALL THE MOCHA LATEES U GOT TO DO PALATEES AFTER THE PARTY MEET ME IN THE LOBBY NOW AND MABEY WE CAN WORK IT OUT WORK IT OUT WORK IT OUT WORK IN T OUT NOW Its been a week wit out me And she feel weak wit out me She wanna talk it out but Ain't nuttin to talk about Unless she talkin bout freakin out then maybe we can work it out Work it out (Come on) [4x] Now maybe we can work it out (Come on, come on) [Verse 2] Oh girl your silhouette make me wanna light a cigarette My name Kanye from the Jigga set Twista set get it wet Ooh girl your breath is HARSH Cover your mouth up like you got SARS Off them tracks yea I bought them cars Still kill a ****a on 16 bars We ain't sweatin' to the oldies we jukin to a cold beat Maybe one day girl you can bone me So you can brag to all your homies now But I still mess with a big girl if you ain't fit girl I'll still hit girl 1 and you brought 2 friends OK 3 more now hop in the Benz Four door do you know the difference between a 5, 6, 7, 8 All the mocha lattes you gotta do Pilates You gotta pop this tape in before you start back dating Hustlers, gangstas, all us ballas [Chorus] [Interlude: Ladies speaking w/ Kanye in the background] [Jill] Hi may name is Jill, I just want to say thanks to Kanye's workout plan, I was able to pull a NBA player and like now I shop every day on Rodeo Drive I just want to say, thank you Kanye! It's worthy addition to the impressive body of work Fonzworth Bentley has been developing over the years. Check out the latest video from Fonzworth Bentley, Fonzworth Bentley "Venice Beaches" Video.

over the weekend that included guests The-Dream, Kirk Franklin, Chance the Rapper, El De Barge and a choir, a belle shined amongst ' Ye's crew of collaborators -- R&B queen Kelly Price.

I’m Black.” But she still left a few fans feeling frustrated. TMZ reported that he goes “nuts” whenever anyone calls his daughter Nahla, born to bi-racial actress Halle Berry, Black — and even tried to get the word retracted when he saw it in print.

Video model Karrine Steffans — better known by her industry nick name Superhead — says that she doesn’t consider herself or her son African-American. Thomas, she doesn’t have a black “state of mind”:“I think people forget, I’m an islander. star Wentworth Miller came under fire when he was accused of passing for white while a student at Harvard.

Luckily for some, though, their inability to dress well hasn't really hurt their careers, or relationships with women.

model Devyn Adbullah told Wendy Williams, “I don’t really consider myself as a black girl model. I’m very proud to be Black but I’m just as much Black as I am White.”In his controversial 2004 NAACP event commemorating the 50th anniversary of Brown vs.

I am working on my new project that will be released later this year as a co-effort between my own label and e One Nashville.