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Whether an individual, family or business, the achievement of your financial goals requires the dedicated support of trusted advisers with expert knowledge spanning tax, structuring, audit and wealth management.At Allworths, we believe this advice should be delivered in a proactive, transparent and friendly manner.Our personnel, including portfolio managers, analysts, relationship managers and client service, have invested a significant amount of their personal assets in products managed or sub-advised by the firm.

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but that has consistently beaten stocks and bonds over the past 30 years. Stansberry Research: You've done a tremendous amount of research on timberland investing over the years... You've called it "the ultimate agriculture investment." What is so special about timberland? I've literally been all over the world researching timberland investing. I've recommended many timber stocks to my readers over the years. "If you don't want to sell, they get bigger and more expensive."However, as the table shows, an investor in timber never had a losing year during that period. The reason it's important to make the distinction is simple: Managed timberlands, according to a study conducted by the University of Georgia and published in the Journal of Forestry, generate returns almost four times higher than non-managed lands.

If you're like most investors, you're looking for ways to earn big, safe long-term returns. More often than not, the returns were in the double-digits... They look to earn extra cash by selling hunting rights to the land.

In this interview, Steve reveals one of his all-time favorite "alternative" investments... But with the ability to bank it on the stump, investing in timber does come with an extra safety net.

an asset the average investor has never considered... "If the rain rains, the sun shines, the suckers grow," Jeremy Grantham once said. And not to ramble on, but you should know, timber is uncorrelated to the stock market. Instead, it grows exponentially on the stump for years. Specifically, he says "stumpage" prices – the value of all the wood on the stump – have beaten inflation by 3% a year over the last century. It's not like fruit, where it's ripe just once and then you have to pick it.Our diverse global investment management team, including Assistant Portfolio Managers Sumanta Biswas, Bin Xiao and Jason Crawshaw, is tasked with searching worldwide to find discounted but high-quality stocks in both developed and emerging markets.Our investment team comes from very different backgrounds and countries, offering an immediate level of cognitive diversity.Since then, she was rumored to be dating her longtime pal, George Percy, the wealthy future Duke of Northumberland, in February 2012.