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The more excited I get about the world of law enforcement! The I-Team conducted an extensive hidden camera test, carried out by a police abuse watchdog group called the Police Complaint Center. “If a supervisor attempted to not take a complaint or cover up a complaint,” said Timoney, “we would investigate that supervisor. You have to tell me where you live, what your name is, or anything like that. I mean, like, if I have — officer: Are you on medications? officer: Because you’re not answering any of my questions.

CBS4 News found that, in police departments across Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, large and small, it was virtually impossible to walk in the door, and walk out with a complaint form. “Your job is to explain how you take the complaint and make no judgement, even though you may say, this person looks like they just dropped in from Mars”, said Timoney, “That’s not your job.” After hearing our undercover video described, in which representatives of different departments were seen refusing to supply complaint forms, and at times, appearing to belittle or insult the undercover tester for asking (see transcripts below), Timoney said at times the behavior seemed inappropriate for his department’s standards.

(3) Withhold any testimony, information, document or thing relating to the commission of a crime from any law enforcement officer, prosecuting official or judge.

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“He is still unmarried and has a tendency to call random mobile numbers and if his calls are picked up by women, he used to say obscene and vulgar things to them and if they would protest, he used to threaten them by impersonating to be a police official,” the officer said.In the case of Hashmi, the officer said, the accused had even threatened to kill those who did not have identity or residence proof. Original Link Feb 4, 2006 pm US/Eastern Police Station Intimidation-Parts 1 and 2 Undercover Video You’ll Find hard To Believe I-Team Uncovers Imtimidation In Complaint Process See The Reaction From Police Officials Image Mike Kirsch Reporting (CBS4) MIAMI Look for Mike Kirsch’s Follow-Up report later this week on CBS4 Most police officers are a credit to the badge, serving the community and the people who pay their salary, getting criminals off the street, making the community safer for everyone. Remarkably, of 38 different police stations tested around South Florida, all but three had no police complaint forms. I guarantee you, the discipline would be severe, if a supervisor didn’t take the report.” In the I-team’s undercover investigation, there was one incident in which our tester went in to file a complaint. The incident had caused quite a stir since the accused, identifying himself as a cop, had threatened to kill Hashmi and claimed that under a “ghero aur maaro (surround and kill)” policy, the cops were now entitled to “eliminate” anyone who did not possess a valid address and identity proof – in particular an Aadhaar number.

had earlier reported how Hashmi was threatened by the man when she called him on the night of July 14 to know why the husband of a woman, who learns stitching at a training centre run by the NGO Pehchan at Jaitpur in south east Delhi, had been summoned at a late hour by him.

Unfortunately, this important information has remained largely unavailable to the public, despite growing concerns about police misconduct and the excesses of the war on drugs.

For this reason, I agreed to serve as a technical consultant for the important new film, 10 Rules for Dealing with Police.

New Delhi: The Delhi police on Wednesday (July 19) claimed to have worked out the case of social activist Shabnam Hashmi who was threatened by a caller who identified himself as “sub-inspector Sandip Malik from Lajpat Nagar police station.” The police has arrested a 41-year-old man who it said used to make phone calls to unknown numbers at night after consuming liquor.

Romil Baaniya, the deputy commissioner of police (south east Delhi), said the man, identified as Harender Malik, a resident of Uttaranchal Colony in Loni, Ghaziabad, would call unknown numbers in order to speak to women.

(5) Elude, evade or ignore any request to appear or legal process summoning him to appear to testify or supply evidence.