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The film, with its radical-for-its-time interracial romance, marked the first time a White actress and a Black actor kissed in a major motion picture.Some movie theaters in the South refused to show it.

“I don’t support racism or discrimination of any kind and I especially don’t understand why some people are still against interracial relationships.”“Like who the F cares anymore?! “It’s so crazy because we’re all human beings capable of love so why does skin color have anything to do with it?”Kardashian is currently dating Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson and was previously married to NBA star Lamar Odom. I feel like people think I’m, like wild and like hanging from chandeliers.”Us Weekly exclusively reported on September 14 that Kardashian and Thompson are an item.The study, released in the middle of December, found a rise in interracial relationships especially with Asians, Hispanics, and Native Indians/Alaskan Natives.But whites and blacks are also marrying other races more today than in the past. For instance, Asian women were far more apt to marry white or black men than Asian men were to find a relationship outside their race.But, even as black and white relationships are less likely, William H.

Frey of Brookings says that the number is still significant and shows how America is changing.

It's complicated Toya Lachon, 43, of Washington, D. Women are taking control of their happiness." Dating interracially can still come with backlash for both Black men and women.

C., says she feels frustrated, hurt and even betrayed when she sees Black men with women of other races, but happy when she sees Black women in an interracial relationship. Lachon, who is seeing a White man, has experienced her share of adverse reaction.

Khloé Kardashian sounded off on the topic of interracial dating in a post on her app on Friday, October 28, sharing a fan's story and adding that she didn’t understand why some people still make it an issue.“Interracial dating in today’s society is still looked down upon by many people,” Kelsey Wells, wrote to Kardashian, 32. “Thank you Kelsey for talking about this important issue,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wrote.

”Wells went on to explain that she lives in the South, and everywhere she and her boyfriend go, “there are always stares,” and “people often make rude comments and gestures toward us.” Even so, she writes, “I brush it off because I know the man I love is HUMAN.”The Strong Looks Better Naked author seconded Wells’ sentiments and added her own two cents.

At a presentation for her Good American denim line in Los Angeles on Tuesday, October 18, she revealed that her favorite date nights with her beau of two months, 25, are the relaxing ones at home.“[We like to] just chill at home,” she told Us.