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When it comes to attracting a man or a woman, non-verbal communication says a lot about our feelings towards someone and within the first few minutes of meeting someone we usually decide if we find them attractive or not.If you’re trying to pick up on male/female love signals but their words don’t reveal much, it’s often their body language that tells the true story about their level of romantic interest.

Feet usually face towards a point of interest, so if you’re on a date and someone’s feet are pointing towards you, it’s a good sign, however if their feet are pointing away from you/towards the exit, they’d probably prefer to leave.

When we like someone we will subconsciously start to mirror their behaviour, whether this is sitting in the same way or doing the same gestures.

Here are 10 secret signs of attraction to help you out… When people try to control their body language, they mostly focus on their facial expressions, posture and hand and arm gestures.

People rarely think about the body language of their feet and legs so the movements made by these parts of the body are uncontrolled and thus where the truth can be found most often.

' We spend much of our face-to-face time looking at the other person's face, so eye signals are a vital part of being able to read a person's attitude and thoughts.

When people meet for the first time they make a series of quick judgements about each other, based largely on what they see.

Body language expert Darren Stanton revealed the truth after watching the historic press conference.

Picture One“The first picture with Trump's arms extended is a non verbal response to being asked about waterboarding.“The extended arms and open palm gesture is displayed as if to say 'this is me, like it or not'.“When people show the palms of their hands, it is thought to have originated many centuries ago when soldiers would show their hands to say 'I have no weapons and mean you no harm'.“It is very much a gesture of honesty and openness about his belief that he believes in the importance of torture."Picture Two“May looks quite uncomfortable, illustrated by the fact her body posture is facing at a right angle away from Trump - when someone is in agreement they tend to turn inwards together, called ‘matching and mirroring’.“What she is doing with her arms and hands where she is almost making a fist could be considered a self reassurance gesture, since most people would probably find the whole situation a little daunting.“Trump is displaying his default smile which could be considered a little smug, supported by his thumbs up gesture meaning 'everything is good here!

We use phrases such as 'She looked daggers at him', 'He had that gleam in his eye', 'She has big baby eyes', 'He has shifty eyes', 'She has inviting eyes', 'She gave him a look to kill', 'She gave an icy stare' or 'He gave me the evil eye'.

We also say a person has Bette Davis eyes, Spanish eyes, bedroom eyes, hard, angry, blank, private, sad, happy, defiant, cold, jealous, unforgiving and piercing eyes.

Body language is an understated form of communication which has great effect on how others perceive us.