I dont deserve you in dating

Have you ever felt stronger about someone than he felt about you?Have you ever been in a relationship where you were always worried about being dumped?

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“When a woman tells someone, ‘you’re too nice,’ what she really means is that she wants a man who is a little more adventurous and risky,” explains Dr. “If you have been 100% yourself, don’t change,” advises Hall.“Don’t try and act tough and unreliable in an effort to seem less ‘nice,’ because it will almost certainly backfire — and it won’t ring true for either of you.” Not everyone is used to kind behavior from the opposite sex; perhaps you’re freaking her out by being a gentleman on dates. Is there anything better than feeling loved for who you really are? Whether you have different political opinions or bizarre hobbies that they totally don't get, an awesome partner may just love you even more for those quirks—even if they don't share your opinion. No dropping off the face of the earth is a pretty basic request if you're going to date someone.But there are happy, healthy relationships out there.

And the only way for you to find one is to get back out there by breaking your pattern of accepting unacceptable men.omewhere up there with the dreaded “I need some space” lies “you’re too nice” — which is possibly one of the most annoying phrases ever uttered in the dating world. “We don’t reject guys because they are nice,” confides Claudia Maittlen-Harris, 33, the writer and comedian in Los Angeles who blogs at The Zeros Before The ” The unfortunate thing is that one little phrase can have potentially dozens of different meanings — especially when it comes from a woman’s mouth.Have you ever longed for someone’s affections, only to be told some version of: “It’s not you, it’s me.” “I’m just not feeling it.” “Let’s just be friends.” “I think the timing is wrong.” “We don’t have the right chemistry.” If you’ve finished elementary school, you probably have!If you have ever been on the wrong end of an unequal relationship, you know how terrible it feels.I've had my share of casual (and fun) experiences with women in the past, mind you.