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There’s nothing particularly terrible about it, but there’s also not really anything that’s laugh out loud funny either.

Plus, it doesn’t help that all the girl-on-girl kissing and whatnot makes it seem like the kind of movie used to trick horny teens into watching it, hoping for a glimpse of nudity.

It was the latest proof of something I’ve long known to be true: Beyond its facility for relatively low-risk sexting, Snapchat is, bar none, the best way to flirt with someone online.

This is true even if you’re much older than the app’s devoted audience of teens and early 20-somethings.

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Not long ago, a friend put a romantic quandary to the collective consciousness of our group text: How should she go about turning a man she sometimes flirts with on social media into a new sexting buddy — or, at least, indicate her interest to him without bluntly asking if he’d like to see her tits?At one point a zombie crazed with hunger is distracted from consuming the kid standing in front of him because the latter sings a Britney Spears tune, and the zombie can’t help joining in.In another scene the zombies jump on trampolines for no particular reason, except it looks wacky.In fact, it might work even better for those outside Snapchat’s core demographic; everything about the service primes its users to be a little sillier and more off the cuff than they are on traditional social media, which can help loosen up people whose public missives are usually made under the possible surveillance of a wrathful ex or a watchful employer.I downloaded Snapchat a couple years ago but never paid it much attention until early last year, when I became romantically involved with a man who used it regularly.Horny teens look to get their party on in “Staten Island Summer,” a movie that won’t knock you out with originality but may charm you with its wit.