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Apart from that there are many who just want to enjoy the flirty romantic and the sexual chats.Sex workers demonstrating on the streets of Nairobi, March 6, 2012.According to press reports, the government intends to allocate Sh4 billion every year for prophylactics that will stop the spread of Aids to their clients.Hi Admin, Please I am bored and I need someone who can make things lively for me, I need a young man, who is vibrant, lively and lovely to be with. If he is fair in complexion i will very much like it, and i will also appreciate if he is handsome.I will be glad if you live around Lagos, I will spoil you with money if you can satisfy my need. The boy must be neat, healthy and ready to have an HIV test weekly with me. I will pay him well provided he gives me what i want when i want it.I liked her a lot, she liked me too but not just enough to have sex with me yet; not because she was observing the 90 days rule, heck we’d then known each other for over 4 months, 141 days to be precise. Heck, Even if I left 6 missed calls trying to call her, I’d still be the one who would call the next day in the morning asking “ehh jana inakaa nilipiga simu kama umeshalala, sema lakini?