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They use a ceramic bar magnet and adjustable-height pole pieces, which allows you to fine-tune the output of the pickup for each individual string - a big step up from having to adjust the entire pickup at once as you would in a traditional design.G&L basses also come with the Saddle-lock bridge design, which cuts down the side-to-side motion of each string's saddle to keep them from wandering.

Even the name, G&L, is based on the first initials of George and Leo.

While G&L bass guitars may look a lot like Fenders on the surface, there are a lot of design changes "under the hood," including Magnetic Field Design pickups, Dual-fulcrum Vibrato and G&L's Saddle-lock Bridge.

If your first thought upon seeing a G&L Bass is that it looks a lot like a Fender, you have a good eye.

This company has the same builders behind its designs as the instruments that defined a generation of electric guitars and basses: Leo Fender, George Fullerton and Dale Hyatt.

That motion can cause sustain to suffer in a run-of-the-mill bass, but with G&L you can count on beefy sustain thanks to Leo's advanced saddle-locking bridge concept.

No matter how you like your bass to sound, G&L has a model that will put a grin on your face.These improvements led Leo Fender himself to describe G&L's lineup as "the best instruments [he had] ever made." It's not hard to see why Leo spoke so highly of those design elements.Take the MFD pickups, for example: their Magnetic Field Design gives these pickups a characteristic sweet and clear tone.Unfortunately, this model was discontinued in 2008 and hence is no longer listed among the offered instruments.And with the passing of George on July 4, 2009 it is highly unlikely to be reintroduced.Below are comments made by author Paul Bechtoldt circa 1992.