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Sheen is now a grandfather after Cassandra gave birth to Luna in July 2013.

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But in the last years has began to look rough and put on a lot of weight.Thankfully she retired before she got huge as she is now.She even looked fairly good in earlier comeback movies.Christy Canyon has been in the porn industry since before many of us were in diapers.Canyon's a legend and has, admittedly, seen it all. [I was] 18 years old, had moved out, was working two jobs.

Earlier this week, Supercompressor was lucky enough to chat with the 48-year-old California native about her experiences in adult entertainment and how the game's changed since the Reagan administration. The car was always broken, I had five dollars to my name.

In the 1990 Sheen dated a few adult film actresses such as Ginger Lynn and Heather Hunter.

In September 1995, Sheen got married for the first time to Donna Peele, however it was discovered that Sheen was one of the clients of an escort agency and they got divorced only a year later.

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She even looked fairly good in earlier comeback movies.

Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen is 49 years old today so we take a look back at his relationships over the years. His first relationship was with his high school girlfriend Paula Profit.