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At that point, though, I realized I needed to grow the fuck up and deal with this debt situation head-on.

My credit card debt was more than my yearly salary at that point.

When they’re little, this is a good solution to stop your children from eating pennies, too. Your bank account is also important so that creditors know they can trust you with money.

They can see where in your brain you process something you think is cool, like the newest Mac Book Pro or a Lululemon model on Instagram.They know the parts of your brain that increase in neural activity when you see the symbol of a brand you really love are the same parts that respond to a symbol of your religion.Don’t expect your score to go from nothing (which is worse than bad credit) to the 700s overnight just because you joined the modern human race.However, your bank account can still fuck you up if you do stupid shit.I’m a smart person who made some very stupid choices. And starting on my 29th birthday, I finally added up my various balances and freaked the fuck out.

It’s not like I didn’t theoretically know how much in debt I was; it’s just that when it was all spread out over a few cards and I was making minimum payments, it was easy not to think about it too hard. It’s so easy, all you need to do is open a bank account (combination checking/savings, if possible).This is like the training wheels of credit and also no one wants to stand behind you in line at the grocery while you count out your pennies because you don’t use cards like every other human on the planet under the age of 80.You do this because vanilla smells similar to breast milk.They know how to conjure the siren song of your dopamine.Firstly, I learned that I’m not alone in my mistakes, because you whispered to me, in the confessionals of Twitter messages and emails, things you said no one else knew. One class of secret includes the shame you’re carrying around about how “bad with money” you are. Imagine this army knows things about you: your race and your gender, your address, phone number, how many people are in your family, how much money you make, what you buy at the grocery store and Target, everything you’ve written on Facebook, everything you’ve searched online, everything you’ve said in your emails, where you’ve been with your phone in your pocket and where you are right now.