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This stage of the cycle is sometimes referred to as the bubble (or the trance) because addicts “lose themselves” in it.

Essentially, when sex addicts are in the bubble their real-world issues and concerns (temporarily) disappear.

With an obviously tragic story of trafficking and sexual exploitation, it is quite easy to fall in the trap of a black and white depiction of reality, between the sexual predator and the prey, which generates sympathy for the victim and tears in the eyes of audience.

This happens in most cases when art is made for a “social cause,” as we end up witnessing a highly moralised story that provides ready-made answers instead of asking questions.

The laws are stringent against trafficking and so is the discourse against it.

However, global networks of human trafficking have only increased with the revolution in information and communication technology.

All teens like it, and a lot of them are involved in teen sexting as well.

Whats App and Kik are among the most popular messaging services.Ritualization is where fantasy moves toward reality.Sex addicts log on to the computer and go to their favorite porn site, or they hop in the car and drive to a place where sex workers congregate, or whatever.Sexual addiction, like other addictions, is cyclical in nature, with no clear beginning or end and one stage leading to the next and then the next.Generally speaking, there are six distinct stages in the cycle of sexual addiction: triggers, fantasy, ritualization, acting out, numbing, and despair.You have probably see on social networks that some people say “kik me”.