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Not surprisingly, they are at risk of defined as prolonged and intense use of voice.The longer and louder a person uses his or her voice (talks, sings), the greater the strain on the voice mechanism, and the greater the risk for vocal symptoms (and pathologies).

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There's no violence, sex, inappropriate language, or iffy themes.The only thing parents should be aware of are in-game purchase options, with which players can spend real money to speed up some tasks or unlock different abilities.If Pokémon characters ran off to populate an island and decided to form a choir, it might look (and sound) a little like MY SINGING MONSTERS, a fun and free game for players of all ages.Players breed more than 50 monsters -- including two exclusives with the Vita version, named Yawstrich and the G'joob -- placing them somewhere on the island and listening as they sing in unison.Employment in the modern world is characterized by an increasing number of employees working in professions that require continuous and intense vocal usage.

Among these vocally demanding professions (in which voice is a main professional tool) one can find teachers, receptionists, physicians, clergy, singers and actors.So you're helping yourself (free lessons), me (I keep my cool job teaching you! The best way to learn songs you like is by TRANSCRIBING songs yourself! So actually better than using tabs or songbooks or lessons is to work out songs on your own and make your own charts!It is nowhere as hard as you might think if you have never tried it - it is the way that generations of guitar players before you learnt to play!!But my voice remains defiantly bad, and I wonder: What is to blame for this selective musical sabotage? In search of answers, I approach the experts at BRAMS (International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research), the Montreal-based research institute devoted to musical cognition and the complex neurobiology involved in musical aptitude.I present my problem to Sean Hutchins, who spent four years at BRAMS studying the neuroscience of music." / is a downloadable, family-friendly musical adventure starring lovable aliens.