Ethan ruan and tiffany xu dating

Joe Chen in Sanli’s idol drama “Fated To Love You” mistakingly takes Aphrodisiacs and has a sexual relationship with Ethan and ends up getting pregnant.

Yesterday the two runs to a gynecologist, not only were they giving out condoms, they also told everyone about how to calculate the “safe period”.

Tiffany got off first, got out a key from her bag and entered Ethan’s house.

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And since it looks like Jason isn't coming back, then Tiffany won't either! i saw a pic of her and jason filming some tennis scenes with ariel.. that someday she'll get the lead role in future projects.

Also, I heard that even if they DO come it, they would have SUPPPER minor roles because they are no longer important anymore! it was taken by a student og the university where ISWAK S is filming... She did a great job in ISWAK for irritating us with her character's nasty ways of trying to steal Zhi Shu away from Xiang Qin... Although I have to admit, she did a great job taking on the role as 'the girl we all love to hate" and that's what I like about her.

After Joe Chen Qiao En and Ming Dao have caused a stir regarding the extreme kissing at a club, express yesterday that she and her foreign boyfriend Michael’s relationship hasn’t changed, but today is Valentines and she’s spending it with someone else’s boyfriend; Ethan Ruan.

Ethan says, he hasn’t thought up of what to get for his girl friend Tiffany Xu Wei Ning, but of course it wouldn’t be a ring, that’s because to him that is a gesture of securing the partner, which has to be treated carefully.Ethan expressed that girl is a friend's girlfriend.The relationship of rumored sweethearts Ethan Ruan Jing Tian and Tiffany Hsu Wei Ning seems to be heating up!Friends revealed that Tiffany’s mum adopts an American method in educating her daughter and has a free attitude towards relationships.She cares but won’t interfere, plus Ethan has a sweet mouth and has good fate with adults, and is often the peacemaker between Tiffany and her.I thought that in ISWAK when she was speaking Chinese, she was like a student or something blah blah blah but when I found otu she was born in Taiwan and that she's mixed, I was like, "wow, she is pretty," wow soooo did i!!!