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predestination, Elisha, Embarrassment, Emotion, Empathy, Employee, Employer, Emptiness, Encouragement, End of the World, Ending, Ends, Endurance, cf.faithfulness, perseverance, success, Enemies, Enemy, wrong, Energetic, Energy, English, language, Enjoyment, Enoch, Enslaved by Sin, Enthusiasm, Environment, Envy, Epaphras, Ephesians, Epistemology, Error (See Mistake), Esau, Escape, Eschatology, Essene, Esteem, Esther, Eternal, Eternal Life, Eternal Security, cf.I didn't hate the movie though, it looks good for a hoodmovie that helps and the acting is decent enough, but yeah I can't say it's a "good" movie but it has it's moments, especially towards the end, but I imagine by then a lot of people have already turned it off.

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This movie is not for anyone, the villains in this movie (including the "hero") have little to no morals, they kill and rape people like it's nothing.Well the "hero" doesn't but he lets his associates gangrape the "tobeloveinterest" before he decides to try to help her somehow, which of course makes it incredibly hard for someone to care for his character and the "love-story".Poopy’s serves food for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Seven Days a Week Sunday thru Thursday 6am to 10pm Friday & Saturday 6am to 11pm.Forget the stereotypes…Poopy’s Pub n’ Grub is not a traditional restaurant or your typical biker bar.Somehow this "hero" manages to somewhat redeem himself, and the lovestory doesn't seem as far-fetched as you'd imagine it would.

There are still major flaws in the movie, and the main parts being the characters, the females most of them are all about filling needs for the men and the men are brutal and untrustworthy, with the exceptions of the 2 leads.A smooth-talking lawyer, whose client base might have come straight from the pages of Who's Who (or at least Heat magazine), Freeman has achieved his own form of superstardom, defending the likes of David Beckham, Matthew Vaughn and the underwear model Caprice.Such has been his success in securing acquittals – mostly from motoring charges, and often on the slenderest of grounds – that the media have christened him Mr Loophole.During the summer months outside seating with open-air dining makes accommodating large group easy.May thru September live entertainment on the weekend is an added bonus when dining outside.To petrolheads like Jeremy Clarkson, Wayne Rooney and David Beckham, he's a knight in shining armour.