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I'll also connect this tutorial with a Username Token service written in ASP. WSS4J can be used for securing web services deployed in virtually any application server, but it includes special support for Axis.

WSS4J ships with handlers that can be used in Axis-based web services for an easy integration.

That I renamed (i.e %JBoss_Home%/server/default/deploy/webapps/axis.war). I may sucessfully start Jboss and the servlet ( Servlet).

I created a web folder webapps under %JBoss_Home%/server/default/deploy (i.e.%JBoss_Home%/server/default/deploy/webapps)Within the webapps folder I placed the whole folder axis.Verify that the of the dynamic Web project has been updated with the Axis2 servlet. The project has been added to the server and the server state is started. Ping the URL "/services/Admin Service" (e.g." Proj/services/Admin Service) and verify that the Axis2 servlet is up and running. Ensure that is generated in the Web project's Web Content/WEB-INF directory under the package name. This error only apply to Axis1 since Axis2 uses very different deployment mechanism.What the tool does at this point is call the Axis Admin Client tool. If you run into this problem, could you please note the steps I suggested to help us try to isolate the problem?Rami should get all credits for this tutorial; I’m just a newbie trying to learn how to use this tool! My thanks to the nice guys in the WSS4J mailing list - Ashok Shah, Werner Dittmann, Yves Langisch and others.

I've added a few things myself to this tutorial, and I'll keep adding things as I learn more. I'd like to encrypt and sign the stuff too in the future...

It uses the open source Apache Axis implementation of the web services. Author expects that the intended audience for this article have a basic understanding of J2EE web service development.

Attachments are becoming increasingly popular in the web service development especially in the world of interoperable environment where the language is not at all a barrier and thanks to the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

This worked because my project was small and had fewer dependencies - YMMV - Tod List Acctc wrote: Glad that you've found a workaround.

If you run into this problem again, please check the following: 1.

These handlers can be added to the service deployment descriptor (wsdd file) to add a WS-Security layer to the web service.