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Microscopic phase separation is detectable by fluorescent labeling, followed by cooling of the membranes below their miscibility phase transition temperature.

GPMV preparation and isolation, including fluorescent labeling and observation, can be accomplished within 4 h.

designed GPMV isolation, microscopy and partitioning protocols; and E.

Our lab addresses these challenges through creating and applying new methods to observe and control these behaviors.

These new techniques enable us to develop a predictive understanding of how processes inside a single cell shape collectives, permitting us to engineer these group-wide behaviors for our benefit.

(right) In a many particle system, on the other hand, the particles interact each other in a quantum mechanical way and behave as if they are "liquid".

This is called quantum liquid whose properties are very different from that of the single particle case.Yet, our understanding of even the simplest circuits remains spotty, in part because available technology has limited researchers to studying only one or a few aspects of a circuit at a time.We stand at the cusp of a revolution in recording and imaging technology that will ultimately allow us to investigate comprehensively how the fundamental biological building blocks of the human brain are constructed and fit together.(left) In a single particle system, the behavior of the particle is well understood by solving the Schrödinger equation.Here the particle possesses wave nature characterized by the de Broglie wave length.For fermions, it is known that, around equilibrium, all the quantum liquids can be universally described within a single theory, so called Landau Fermi liquid theory.